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Maundy Thursday 2020

Order of Service

Maundy Thursday Service


Opening Hymn

Words in the video



1. Here is bread, here is wine,

Christ is with us, he is with us.

Break the bread, taste the wine,

Christ is with us here.


In this bread there is healing,

in this cup is life for ever.

In this moment, by the Spirit,

Christ is with us here.


2. Here is grace, here is peace,

Christ is with us, he is with us;

know his grace, find his peace,

feast on Jesus here.


3. Here we are, joined in one,

Christ is with us, he is with us;

we'll proclaim, till he comes,

Jesus crucified.

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Words in video (but no backing singers!)

Vigil Watch

You might like to begin your vigil with stripping of the altars as we normally do in church.  Suggested readings below:

John 13. 16-30

Psalm 113

John 13. 31-end
Psalm 114


John 14. 1-14
Psalm 115


John 14. 15-end
Psalm 116. 1-9


John 15. 1-17
Psalm 116. 10-end


John 15. 18 – 16.4a
Psalm 117


John 16. 4b-15
Psalm 118. 1-9


John 16. 16-end
Psalm 118. 10-18




John 17. 20-end