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We are totally committed to provide safe places for both children and vulnerable adults throughout the parish. Our policy follows procedures from the Church of England, The Diocese of St Albans and takes into account local parish requirements and is reviewed annually.


The PCC members, as trustees of the parish, are all committed to do the required training and updates whenever these need doing and have all made the necessary CPS declarations, along with any volunteers working directly with children and vulnerable adults.. We support and provide training for volunteers that have direct contact with children and vulnerable adults.


We have a Safeguarding Officer, Jon Reynolds, details below, who keeps us up to date with any changes to the national and local guidelines. and changes to the law. If any complaints were to be made, there is the network of professional people outside of the parish that will handle any investigations.

You can also contact the Diocese of St Albans Safeguarding Team. The Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser is Jez Hirst 07867 350886 or email him at



The Tring Team Parish takes the information about our members and contacts very seriously. We operate under the GDPR law and have recieved guidance from the Church Of England.


When the new law came out in May 2018, the PCC conducted an audit on all the ways we handle personal information throughout the Team Parish and put into place any actions we needed to do in order to comply with the law. We sought additional guidance from the Diocese of St Albans and the Church of England.


The PCC and Team Rector of Tring Team Parish, as legal bodies, are the data controllers and they decide how your personal data is processed.

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