Meet the Vicars


The Reverend Huw Bellis is the Team Rector.  

A Rector is just another word for Vicar, the Church of England likes to confuse people with titles. A “team” Rector is supposed to be in charge of the team.  Huw has been in the Tring Team since 2002, first in Aldbury and Team Rector, living in Tring since 2008.  Huw is the first person to contact for things to do with Tring Church, Puttenham Church or the parish in general.  When he isn’t doing church stuff he keeps sheep and pigs. He is married to Jane.


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The Reverend Jane Banister is a part time Team Vicar in our parish and school chaplain.  

A chaplain is a priest who works in a secular work place.  Jane has been in the Tring Team since 2002 and has done many jobs in the parish but until 2015 didn't get paid for it!  In 2015 she was appointed as part time Team Vicar.  Jane is the first person to contact for things to do with Long Marston Church, Wilstone Church and Tring School.  She is married to Huw.


The Reverend Michelle Grace is Team Vicar in our parish and is school chaplain at Tring School.

Michelle has responsibility for St John the Baptist Aldbury. 


The Reverend Sarah Marshall is a Priest and curate on our team. She’s been with us since July 2019 and previously came from a career in Human Resource Management. Sarah lives with her husband Chris, children Samuel and Noah, and dog Teddy. Please do say ‘hello’ if you see her around!”

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Meet the admin team


Trish Dowden is the parish administrator.  

She mainly works to help try and keep the clergy on track, keep diaries up to date, and so on.  If you need to contact her please use email but don’t expect an instantaneous response as she does not work regular hours.  It is particularly helpful to email her if there is something that the clergy must not forget to do or if you want to get something into the church diary.


Janet Goodyer does our pew-sheets and is the PCC Secretary.

Janet tends to do the notices on a Wednesday or Thursday.  Notices to go into these should be short and emailed to her by midday on a Wednesday.  If you would like to be added to (or removed from) the e-pewsheet list you can email her too. Notices for the pewsheet should always include which of our fives churches / communities you are talking about.. She also looks after the website, if you notice anything amiss, contact her.