Worship is what we do!

Everyone is welcome to join us at any of our church services. There is no longer a need to book for  regular services, however during the continued pandemic there will be a booking system for special services and for services where there may be a large congregation. 

Keep scrolling down if you would like more information about what to expect at the different services


Worship for All


Worship for All is the name we give to our church services where we all worship together but there is more provision for children, however they are for everyone.


These services are fun, with singing and activities for the whole family to engage in worship. The service duration is usually about 45 minutes. 

These are our most relaxed services. Some people who are new to church find these a good place to start. 

Where to find a Worship for All Service.

1st Sunday of the Month - Aldbury

2nd Sunday of the Month - Tring

3rd Sunday of the Month - Long Marston

4th Sunday of the Month - Tring (with communion see below)

NB in Tring on 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month there is a Sunday Club for the children so that they can worship alongside (but separately for the first part of the service)

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Holy Communion

What is communion?

Communion is how we remember all that Jesus did. His life, his death, his rising from the tomb, and his promise to be with us and to make God known.

In the communion service we meet as the Lord has commanded us: to break the bread and drink the cup in memory of him.

(1 Corinthians 11.23-35)

Holy communion is the central act of worship in our churches. On a Sunday at 10 am a communion service is roughly one hour long.  There will be hymns, bible readings and a sermon as part of the service. A midweek communion is about half an hour. 

At a communion service:

We come together in the name of Christ to give thanks to seek forgiveness to hear God’s word, to pray for the needs of the world, and, to share in the mystery of Christ’s being present with us by sharing the bread and wine of his body and blood that by the power of the Holy Spirit we may give ourselves to the service of God.

Sunday Club

Sunday Club in Tring

We make provision for times when we all worship together (Worship for All and Worship for All Communion).  It is good for families to be together in church.


However there are also times when it is important to have age related worship. We all worship in different ways so we have  a Sunday Club in Tring, run by the clergy.  Here the children (0 - 11 years old) hear the same Bible Story and sing songs / have a craft and then rejoin the wider congregation to take communion.

Depending on how many children attend we either meet in the upper room in the church, or we walk across to the parish hall.  

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Worship for All style Holy Communion

Some of our communion services are more relaxed and are suitable for all ages so those bringing children may feel more comfortable at these.  

In Tring on the the fourth Sunday of the month there will always be a craft activity and some material for children. We sometimes used some different styles of music such as the Clap Hands Gloria.

In the Tring Team Parish we prepare children to receive communion before confirmation.  We are shaped by our worship and by receiving Holy Communion.  It is something for All Ages and it is important that we all worship together.

Traditional Language 
Holy Communion

Our traditional language services come from The Book of Common Prayer.  

It is poetic in feel and connects our worship to those from over 500 hundred year ago.  These services tend not to contain music or hymns.

The beauty of the prose, and some of the magnificent prayers, has meant that the Book of Common Prayer is one of the most important books in the English language, and generations of churchgoers have grown up with it. For members of the Church of England it is the defining text as to what it is to be an Anglican. Some people find that the familiarity of the words helps them to pray in a more profound way. Others find the language a stumbling block in their worship. 

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Sunday Worship


This is our standard service when we dont have Holy Communion. 

Based on the Church of England’s modern ‘Common Worship’ format, with beautiful words, prayers, hymns and scripture throughout. The service duration is usually 45–60 minutes.

The service can be led by one of our vicars or a lay minister.


Taizé Meditation


Since Covid restrictions have prevented us from singing, we have paused our Taizé provision. We hope to resume it when restrictions have been relaxed.


An hour of reflective chants, silence and prayer, based on music from the Taize monastic community in France.


Uncomplicated worship in a complicated world..

You can listen to 30 secs of a Taize chant here.

Other afternoon & evening services


Evening Prayer

Quiet, calm evening prayers taken from the Celtic Tradition of worship. A perfect way to end the weekend. The service duration is usually 25-30 minutes.  In winter this service may move to being on zoom.


BCP Evensong:

This is a sung, traditional language service, taken from the ‘Book of Common Prayer’. It is poetic in feel and connects our worship to those from over 500 hundred year ago. This is held monthly at 3.30 pm in the beautiful and peaceful St Mary's Church, Puttenham.  There is often an afternoon tea at the end of the service.


Holy Baptisms


Christenings normally happen in our main 10 am services or at a special service at 12 noon.

For more information about these please see our Christening page

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