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If you’d like to be married in church, then we’re here to help!

Marrying in church is meaningful, spiritual and beautiful - just how you want it to be.

Can I get married in church?

You're welcome to marry in the Church of England whatever your beliefs, whether or not you are christened and regardless of whether you go to church or not. It's your church, and we welcome you! We are here to help you prepare for your wedding day.


There are some legal requirements that need to be met in
order for you to marry here (see below); we will say ‘yes’ to
you if we possibly can!

We have churches in Tring, Aldbury, Puttenham, Long Marston and Wilstone. If you live within the Tring Team Parish you are able to get married in any of our five churches. The first thing to do is to call or email the minister responsible for the church in which you would like to be married. If you are not sure which church you would like to use call anyone of us and we can help advise.


Same Sex relationships

As a parish we are delighted to be able to welcome you to celebrate the gift of love and to do this at a service in the presence of God.

Sadly the law does not yet allow us to conduct a legal wedding service for same sex couples but please talk to us about what we can do.  Everyone is welcome in our parish. We are also committed to campaigning for change in the life of the wider church.

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Weddings: List

Who to call?


Call or email Michelle


Tring and Puttenham 

Call or email Huw


Long Marston and Wilstone 

Call or email Jane

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Wedding: what next

Wedding Resources

Below are a number of downloads which might be helpful in planning your weddings. 

We will give these to you as paper pack when we meet you.

(NB we have fewer weddings in Wilstone and Long Marston so we don't have a leaflet for those churches)

Marriage Information - Tring

Marriage information for St Peter and St Paul Church in Tring

Marriage Information - Aldbury

Marriage information for St John the Baptist Church in Aldbury

Marriage Information - Puttenham

Marriage information for St Mary's Church in Puttenham

Banns Form

As part of the legal preliminaries for your wedding we will publish banns of marriage.

Marriage Service

Download a copy of the Church of England wedding service.

Order of Service

Please find below an order of service example

Wedding Music

There are some excellent resources for wedding couples on Tring Church Music website

Bible Readings

Your service must include at Bible Reading.  Here are some suggestions.


In marriage you take on a whole new legal status. Your vicar knows how to advise and
prepare you for your wedding day and everything must comply with all relevant UK and
Church of England laws. The main legal points to consider before you begin planning are

Your Church Wedding

There is lots of helpful information on the Church of England's wedding website

your church wedding.png

The Costs

We try and keep the cost of your wedding as low as possible, and if cost is a problem please talk to us.  The basic wedding cost is £569 which includes the marriage fees as laid down by Parliament, the fee for the Publication of Banns of Marriage,  and a charge of £30 which is paid to a verger to get the church ready for your wedding.

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