Palm Sunday

Sunday 28th March

8 am Tring Church (traditional language) **

10 am Tring Church **

10 am Aldbury Church

6 pm Long Marston Church

There will be a recorded children's worship available

** these services are live streamed


On Palm Sunday the Church remembers Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.  This is the beginning of the passion story which leads to his betrayal, trial, death and resurrection. Central to the liturgy of Palm Sunday is the reading of the Passion Gospel.  Here we have the opportunity to hear the whole story uninterrupted. We begin to understand that this story is the story of the whole of humanity.  We begin to recognise ourselves in Jesus’ story. This year we wont be able to process from the pond or the war memorial, but we will still be giving out Palm Crosses.  

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Mon, Tues, Weds

29th - 31st March

We mark this week by making time for prayer and reflection. 


At 8 pm each evening there is a service of night prayer in Tring Church.  They will also be live streamed.  The services will begin with a Holy Week series of talks.  This year Huw will introduce Mark's Passion.

There are two midweek communion services as well.  On Tuesday at 10 am in Wilstone we have Holy Communion.  In Tring there is a communion service at 10 am on Wednesday


Maundy Thursday

10 am Tring Holy Communion (traditional language)**

11 am Chrism Mass from St Albans Abbey via YouTube**

8 pm Tring Church our Team Service**
9 pm - Midnight Tring Church Vigil Watch

** these services are live streamed 

Maundy Thursday is the day when we remember the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples. The word Maundy is derived from Mandatum meaning commandment, and at the 8 pm service that evening we celebrate the new commandment to love one another.  This is the basis of our weekly Sunday worship.  We hear how our Lord broke bread and poured wine and commanded us to ‘do this in remembrance of me’.  After the service is finished (about 9 pm) the church is stripped of all of its ornaments.  This is a symbolic reminder that having been betrayed, Jesus was abandoned by his disciples.  Even Peter denied him three times.  Do we have the courage to remain with our Lord?  There is an opportunity to remain in the empty church in silent prayer until midnight, watching and waiting.  Come for whatever time you can manage -  even if it is only half an hour, it is still a sign of faith, of walking with Christ, a time when we can  ‘Be still and know that I am Lord.” 

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Good Friday Image.jpeg

Good Friday

10 am ** Worship for All, Tring Church

12 pm Good Friday Worship, Puttenham Churchyard

2 pm ** Last hour at the Cross, Tring Church

2 pm Last hour at the Cross, Aldbury Church

2 pm Good Friday Worship, Wilstone Church

6 pm Good Friday Worship, Long Marston Church

7 pm ** Sepulchre service, Tring Church

7 pm Sepulchre service,  Aldbury Church

Online service from Churches Together in Tring

**denotes live-streamed service.


This is the day when Christ was crucified.  It is the most important day of the Christian year.  Without Good Friday there can be no Easter day.  There is often a temptation to jump straight to the joy of the resurrection without taking into account the reality of human life.  As we confront the cross we encounter the messiness of humanity and only when we come to Christ in total honesty can we meet him again on Easter morning.  The services in Wilstone and Puttenham are short services, inside the churches.

Easter Day (and Holy Saturday)

Saturday 3rd April

8 pm Holy Saturday New Fire in Aldbury


Sunday 4th April

6 am ** New Fire of Easter and Holy Communion Tring 

8 am ** Holy Communion traditional language Tring 

8 am Holy Communion traditional language Aldbury 

10am ** Holy Communion Tring 

10 am Worship for All Holy Communion Aldbury 

10 am Holy Communion Long Marston

11 am Holy Communion Wilstone

3.30 pm Holy Communion traditional language Puttenham

**denotes live-streamed service.

Sometime between nightfall on Saturday and sunrise on Sunday Christ rose from the dead. We have our first celebration in Aldbury as the sun is setting and in Tring on Easter Morning as the sun is rising. The service includes the celebration of carrying the new light into the church.  Christ the light has conquered death.  The Tring new light service starts outside and you can attend just for the outside part if you want to go to church at Easter but remain nervous about being inside with others.

 Later on Easter Sunday we continue to celebrate the resurrection.  Christ is Risen Alleluia! At our services we reaffirm our faith by repeating the vows which we made at our baptisms and in the communions we are reunited with our risen Lord.

You might like to bring a flower to lay at the foot of the cross outside church.  You may also like to make your own Alleluia flag to wave at the service.  Some ideas are below, (print, colour in, fold over in the middle and add a stick!)

We cannot sing or shout Alleluia but we can wave to our hearts content!


Lent House Groups

You are encouraged to join a virtual Lent group. Some groups will be using the Church of England Lent Course, Living His Story. There are various ways you can engage with this, from a light touch daily text or email message, to joining a discussion group using CofE material, to reading the Archbishop’s Lent book Living His Story: revealing the extraordinary love of God in ordinary ways written by Hannah Steele.

As well as our regular house groups, Sarah will be leading a group on Thursdays at 2pm (from 25th Feb). We would love run another daytime or evening group. If you would like to register interest in joining a group, please let Michelle know.


Lent Studying Mark's Gospel

In Advent we began studying Mark's Gospel and we looked at the first 8 Chapters.  For those who would like to continue that study we have four more sessions.


1. Predictions of the Passion 

2. Increasing Conflict

3. The Passion

4. The lack of an ending


If you would more information please contact Huw. 

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Churches Together Lent Lunches

You are invited to join us every Wednesday in Lent at 12noon on zoom starting on 25th February.

Join us and other Churches for a light-hearted Lent lunch, with laughter, food (supply your own), chat and a chance to support some of the poorest people in the world. 

Please email us for zoom details.


Please donate generously through our giving page on the website, reference Christian aid, our service collections or a cheque to Tring Christian Aid Group; Christian Aid gift-aid envelopes will be available in Tring Church from mid-February.

You can also donate through Christian Aid website and find out information about their latest campaigns.