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Online Services

Whenever our churches are open, we live stream from St Peter and St Paul's Tring.

Each week we either stream a traditional language 8 am service or a modern language 10 am service.

  We'd love to stream from all of our churches but it is only in Tring that we have the necessary kit, so these services are provided for all of our parish. 

Please note, to make life easier for safeguarding purposes, we do not live stream services when there are larger numbers of children present and currently we are only able to stream from Tring Church. This means that a lot of our online provision is from our early morning Book of Common Prayer congregation, which is a little more old fashioned than our typical worship.  Most of our in person worship is from the modern Common Worship.  

Online Worship
Holy Communion cw Service
3rd December 2023 10am
Tring Team Parish - 10am 3rd December 2023 - Advent 1

Tring Team Parish - 10am 3rd December 2023 - Advent 1

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