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What can I pray?

It can be hard to find the right words to pray, especially when things are tough.

There are, however, no ‘right’ words, - our prayers are formed of whatever is on our mind - thanks, wonder, hurt, longing, sorrow - anything. 

There is nothing that can’t be prayed, God will hear it all.


Below are some prayers to use if they’re helpful. Also on this page you’ll find guidance about meditation; praying in times of loss; and some ideas for prayers with children.


Can I leave a prayer request?

Yes, we’d be very happy to pray for you. Please see below to do this.


Where can I find out more about prayer?

If there’s no-one in church when you’re there, you are very welcome to be in touch with any of the ministry team by using the contact tab above.

Or phone 01442 822170 or 01442 851200 for one of the vicars.

Would you value a chat, or a prayer? (Or both?!)

Please contact one of our clergy who will talk to you and may put you in touch with someone who is happy to chat to, or suggest a social group that you can join. 

Prayer calendar for Tring Team Parish 

Please download our new Parish Prayer Calendar, for use in your personal prayers.

Contact us with prayer requests

NB We only need your name email or phone if you want us to get in contact with you.  It is OK to leave an anonymous prayer request

Thanks for submitting!

Prayer Requests
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