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As a church community we do our best to look after each other.  Much of this care is done by the friends that we make through sharing our lives together and we take seriously the responsibility to care for each other when we are in need.  However there are times when something more is needed. We are happy to arrange to bring communion to your house if you cannot get to church.  Sometimes you may just wish to have a visit from the clergy, or a relative may be in hospital and need a visit.  If so please call.  Please do not assume that the clergy know.  We would prefer to be told 10 times that not at all.  We are also happy to be called at any time of day or night if someone is close to death and would like us to pray with them.  

We are pleased to arrange a regular communion service for those who are housebound.  For some we are able to turn this into a small house group so that others can join in.  However that isn’t appropriate for everyone.  Home communion can be for a short period whilst someone is recuperating or it can be a much longer term arrangement according to circumstances.  We also hold regular communion services at the Furlongs Nursing Home and St Joseph’s care home.  Our colleagues in Churches Together hold a service at Emma Rothschild.


If you would like us to pray for you there are a number of ways in which this can happen.  In Tring Church after each of the 10 am services we have a prayer team.  They will sit with you and pray with you for any concerns that you may have.  You might also like the congregation to pray for you.  If you contact the clergy we can add your prayer request to our weekly intercessions.  Alternatively you might like the opportunity to leave a prayer request in church.  Tring, Aldbury and Wilstone churches are open every day and there are votive candle stands so you can light a candle and say a prayer.  In Tring there is a prayer box for you to leave prayers in and in Aldbury and Wilstone there are prayer boards.  





On the first Saturday of each month in Tring Parish Hall we host something called “first Saturday lunches”.  This is a lunch for those who have been bereaved or living on their own.  There is a small charge for a simple three course lunch followed by coffee.  Lifts are offered for those who cannot get there themselves.


More details from Margaret Oram 01442 824575

First Saturday Lunches

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