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The Vision of the Mothers’ Union:

Our vision is of a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful,

and flourishing relationships.

Our aim and purpose:

To demonstrate the Christian faith in action by the transformation of communities

worldwide through the nurture of family in its many forms.


Mothers’ Union operates in 83 countries throughout the world, meeting the needs of families specific to the location. Work in many countries is carried out by local people trained by the Mothers’ Union. In some parts of Africa work has been done to improve literacy and money management, to support families with AID sufferers. There is a Relief Fund for when disasters strike, and closer to home we have members who work in Contact Centres, prisons, and many members produce goods for local hospitals to give to premature babies or to children who are feeling low and need cheering up. One of the most recent “big” projects in this country has been the “Bye buy childhood” campaign which aims to encourage parents and the wider community to think about the influence of commercialisation within the home and to challenge inappropriate marketing. This is just a sample of the work the Mothers’ Union does.There is a magazine “Families First” which is produced six times a year. All of the work is supported by prayer.


If you would like to know more about what the Mothers’ Union does go to the website or look at the diocesan website


Tring Team Mothers’ Union (over 70 years young)


We have had an active Branch of just around 30 members in Tring, but recently we have changed to a group of diocesan members. This means we will be meeting more informally and more as a social get together. We will go to the 10am Communion service on the first Thursday of every other month starting in February, and chat over a cuppa afterwards. We have planned several social gatherings as well. Click here for the current list of dates. The get-togethers will be advertised in the pewnotices or you can join the email group here.


The members join up with the other Branches in the Deanery for a Lady Day Service, a Deanery talk, and an Autumn Worship Service; and we participate in events organised by the diocese. All that we do is related to the Vision, Aim and Purpose of the organisation which we support both financially and in the way we live our lives. This all sounds very formal, but we are a welcoming group, so if you are interested do come along when we get together.


For more information contact Jane Banister email

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