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Bell ringing is a uniquely English tradition and is something which is still done by hand.  We are fortunate enough to have bells in three of our churches, Tring, Aldbury and Puttenham.  The bells in Tring and Aldbury are rung each Sunday, on a practice night and for weddings and other major events.  Bell ringing has changed little over the centuries (the first bells were introduced into Tring Church in 1552) In Tring there are eight bells, in Aldbury there are six and in Puttenham there are three.  Tunes are made by ringing the bells in different orders.  It can be hard work, the heaviest bells being 900kg.  Not all bell ringers will come to services after ringing, and the social side of bell ringing is very important – ringers will usually be found in the pub after a practice night.


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Bell Ringing


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